Carolina Coffee Roasting Company “Barista Training is the industry’s leading barista training provider here in the South. Our portfolio of educational resources and barista classes has reached over a thousand unique active students. All our coffee-based barista training is centered around engagement and innovation. We have a barista course for every aspect of the specialty coffee industry, from milk science and latte art to advanced coffee making.



Here at Carolina Coffee, it is our mission to demystify coffee and barista training and to make barista classes more informative and more accessible. Every barista course we offer includes a set of challenging assessments that give learners the chance to earn a certification. This credential offers baristas far-reaching proof that they have crossed the baseline for professional barista standards. This formal certification adds to the career capital of a learner and provides evidence to employers and to clients that a barista has traversed the vast array of literature that we profile in all our online barista training modules.
  • Bar Training Manual
  • Hands-on training, Daily Operations, Equipment selection, Roaster Tour, and much more.
  • Basic knowledge of how to serve coffee.
  • Hands-on training on making Hot and Cold drinks
  • Hands-on training on making Blended Drinks
  • Hands-on training on making smoothie drinks.
  • Hands-on training on Equipment maintenance (the machine you have in the shop)

Our staff brings real-life systems, day-to-day operational experience, and the value that only decades of successful operation can offer to the creation, opening, and operation of YOUR Business. We believe that our staff offers the most relevant, most valuable experience of any Barista training school because of our ongoing successful operations.

Service Offered:

  • Business Counseling
  • Staff Training
  • Store Training and Opening
  • Menu Development
  • Operations Troubleshooting
  • Design and Layout
  • Equipment Selection